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LED Poster Display

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The LED Poster Display is sleek and minimalist. Perfect as a bright and engaging countertop message board or as a window or wall display.

Our LED Poster Display comes in 5 sizes and is the flagship product of the VitrineMedia range. With its elegant finishes and concealed mounting, it’s quickly becoming the industry standard in window display technology.

Often the hardest part about having a brick and mortar storefront is getting people through the door in the first place. Our solutions have been proven to increase foot traffic, store engagements, and share of wallet — while also keep customers coming back!


  • 80,000 hours

  • Installed within 7-10 days

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Manufactured & Warranted by VitrineMedia Australia

*No installation, fixtures, accessories, or power supply included with this product.

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LED Poster Dispay

Increase Engagement =
Increase Revenue

In today's market, it can be difficult standing out in a brick and mortar environment. You have probably tried everything to attract more customers, but it doesn't seem to be working. This isn't your fault - the problem is, you tried all the traditional techniques that every other store on the street is trying. VitrineMedia's Backlit Poster Displays emit cold, white light allowing your storefront to stand out day and night.

Vertical and Horizontal Orientations

Horizontal, vertical and even tilted orientations! The different formats and orientations of this LED poster holder are all inter-compatible. You can play with the formats for storefronts that look like you and you alone!

Simply unclip the LED Poster Display from it's window or wall supports, rotate, and re-clip! Simple.


6000 LUX(A4)

Low voltage (24V)

80.000 hours of use

Double-sided Display

Insert two listings per LED Poster Pocket, for visibility from the outside and inside.

Entice more customers into your store, and convert more by taking advantage of both sides of the LED Poster Display.

Improve the appearance of your internal space - taylor your screens to provide your prospects with the information they want and need.

Innovative & Quick Installation

Hang your LED Poster Displays from the ceiling with wires so thin they will look free-floating in your window. Alternatively, attach them to your walls for a more engaging in-store experience.

Our Innovative window and wall fastenings are easy to install, however, one of our professional installers will do it all for you! A simplified installation means your displays will be in illuminated in your store within 7-10 days from your order date!

We are Trusted by Australia's Biggest Companies

First National

The VitrineMedia screens – First National Murray Bridge has a mixture of 24 A3s and three A2s in its windows, the former featuring property cards and the latter promotional messages – are testament to that, having played a key role in our marketing.

Flight Centre

VitrineMedia LED Panels have been successfully deployed to 750 Flight Centre retail stores in Australia alone – the deployment took less than 6 months with 0% hardware failure rate. AMAZING!

Bank of Sydney

With its new visual marketing using the large format LED Displays, Bank of Sydney gained numerous new customers and has seen a dramatic increase in home-loan enquiries. VitrineMedia LED Display are now installed in all Bank of Sydney agencies across the country.

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