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High Street - LED Display Pack - Large

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You could describe our large High Street Pack as real estate’s Dress Circle solution, ideal for showcasing those spectacular properties enjoying the best of location.

What's included?

Everything, from all accessories to installation. To be more specific:

  • 1x Mobile Stand with 4x A3 LED-Powered Posters + 4x complimentary A3 prints
    (RRP $1551)

  • 2x Window-Mounted A1 LED-Powered Posters + 2x complimentary A1 prints
    (RRP $1538)

  • 4x Window-Mounted A2 LED-Powered Posters + 4x complimentary A2 prints
    (RRP $1876)
  • Power supplies
    (RRP $199)

  • Wall/Window Mounts
    (RRP $275)

  • Installation in all metro areas
    (RRP $875)

  • Delivery
    (RRP $130)