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Hospitality - LED Display Pack - Large

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If small equals ‘stubbie’, VitrineMedia’s large Hospitality Pack is undoubtedly the ‘long neck’ of backlit LED posters, giving you all the space you need to flaunt your meals, drinks and entertainment.

What's included?

Everything, from all accessories to installation. To be more specific:

  • 1x Desktop A4 LED-Powered L-Stand + 1x complimentary COVID-19 print
    (RRP $225)

  • 6x Wall Mounted A2 LED-Powered Posters + 6x complimentary A2 prints
    (RRP $2814)

  • 1x Mobile Stand with 4x A4 & 4x A3 LED-Powered Posters + 8x complimentary prints
    (RRP $3131)
  • Power supplies
    (RRP $199)

  • Wall/Window Mounts
    (RRP $275)

  • Installation in all metro areas
    (RRP $875)

  • Delivery
    (RRP $130)


  • 80,000 hours per screen

  • 7-10 day installment time

  • 30 days money-back guarantee

  • Manufactured & Warranted by VitrineMedia Australia