LED Displays 

We are the world's leading experts in premium and high-quality LED display technology for Real Estate, Travel, Retail, and Hospitality. From static image backed by clean and white light to some of the most innovative digital LED solutions, we will not be beaten on service, quality or technology. That's our promise. 

LED Displays for REtailers

Attract, Engage and Convert — When Getting Seen Matters 

If you're paying for retail space, you really need to make sure that you are making the most of your street frontage and windows to passing traffic. Our screens and technology have been proven to increase attraction, engagement, and conversion. We can help you tell your story and showcase your best features and most important assets. Clean, easy to maintain, low-powered and environmentally friendly solutions look great and are proven to work. 

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Four A2 Vitrine Media screens shining bright at a Bank of Sydney store

Four A2 Vitrine Media screens shining bright at a Bank of Sydney store.

LED Displays for Real Estate Agents

We Know That Part Of Success Is Looking The Part

Stylish and sophisticated. It's a large part of why we are successful. Our screens and solutions are designed in France with rigorous consultation with our global teams. The products that you see tomorrow have been influenced by what the market wants in London, Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo, and Paris. We were first to market with the thinnest and the brightest. The best real estate agents know that to position the most attractive properties, you need to make them look good. Our LED backlit solution does this and more. Scientifically proven to attract and engage with humans. We also have an in-house creative team and template builder to make sure your brand is consistent and always at its best. 

LED Displays for Travel Agents 

Dreaming Of A Holiday. Put It In Lights. 

When Australia's biggest travel co wanted to showcase their products, they turned to us. We fitted out all of their stores. Flexible, economical and most importantly: effective. That's what they wanted. Something that looks amazing, is easy to maintain, and works. It's something that we are proud to stand behind, and we know that when COVID lifts, we'll be right back front and centre ready to help the industry off the mat and get back in the ring. If you are a travel agent who is looking for help, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your local state representative. 

Retail - Travel - Flight Centre
Retail - Menu Board 04-2

Stand Out From The Crowd (And Food Safe Too!) 

LCD might have been the flavour of the month once, but there's something about a simple solution. Our static LED display screens might not move or flicker, but they use a fraction of the power of any LCD signs, will last for longer and shine brighter. And on top of that, our Latex Printing is 100% food safe. Which means peace of mind for shop owners. Significantly more economical than LCD digital. 

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