Remarkable Technology

VitrineMedia is a pioneer in LED displays and a world leader in delivering customised solutions tailored to every point of sale (POS) visual display area.

Our expertise covers both external window, internal wall and mobile display creations designed to optimise your visual marketing messages.

VitrineMedia is a leader in Retail Technology & Real Estate Signage

VitrineMedia’s products have been made with both the Retail & Real Estate industries in mind. We’ve run businesses ourselves and we know that signage needs to be simple and powerful. That is why we continue to improve our products so that they are at the forefront of Retail Technology and will continue to attract more customers than traditional posters or digital screens.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, they’ll also last longer and shine brighter.

Consume Less, Shine More

LED Signs produce a more intense light, whilst consuming less energy.

In simple terms, an ordinary light bulb would need to consume 64 KW to provide the same light
intensity as VitrineMedia LED Sign only using 3.83 KW.

This technology has now been adapted to showcase your offers and products. Its the future and it's here NOW!

Simple Upkeep

How to Update

  1. Print your images on your office printer

  2. Replace the images in your window displays as often as you want.