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Signage Club Membership

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Secure your business and peace of mind with the Vitrine Media Service Club Membership. 

What does it include?

Service Credits

Put simply, we’ll replace any broken, chipped or damaged screens, rails and power boxes outside the usual statutory warranties. So if you accidentally damage your LED-powered pocket, we’ll arrange a replacement screen to be installed at no charge to you (RRP cost of product will be deducted from your allocated service credits). 

VitrineMedia Design Time

Need a design for your new menu? Or perhaps a template for your sale cards? We have a number of specialist digital designers on hand to make your brief stand out. ($50 p/h + GST)

Store-wide discount

Every product listed on the site is subject to a fixed discount (depending on your plan). This includes Backlit Paper.

Seasonal and other exclusive offers and benefits made available to VMSC Members.


Plan Options

1-year - $299

  • $750 in Service Credits for one year
  • 5% off storewide for one year
  • 3 hours of VM design time ($250 in value)
  • Total: $1,000 in value equivalent
  • 3-year - $599

  • $1000 in Service Credits per year for three years (up to $3000 in value)
  • 7.5% off storewide for three years
  • 6 hours of VM design time ($400 in value)
  • Total: $3,400 in value equivalent.


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