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That’s the power of VitrineMedia’s static backlit LED screens. Our proven track record suggests that when installed in an eye-catching window display, they’ll increase foot traffic by up to 35 per cent, grow revenue and create loyal customers who return time and time again. Our full service and customised signage system and solution, including ultra-low powered LED Backlit displays, digital displays, printing and design services (we are happy to talk to you about what’s going to work with your location, product, budget and business goals). 

Make an Impact with Your Business with Signage Consulting Services in Australia

With so much competition in your market, making the biggest impact is your priority. What better way to turn heads than with digital signage solutions that offer engagement and inspiration. VitrineMedia is your leading provider of the highest quality vibrant signage services in Australia, offering nationwide solutions that capture attention. We consult with your business in order to determine your unique needs so that we can deliver personalised service that represents your business perfectly. Our advanced LED technology turns your window space into a money making entity that supports your business as it grows.

Increase Foot Traffic by +35% with Digital Signage for Sale

At VitrineMedia, we are committed to maximising the visibility of businesses across Australia. Now, you can buy custom signage that represents the personality of your business for more engagement with foot traffic. Capitalise on your location with backlit LED signs that are eye-catching and engaging, offered in a range of formats to cater to your needs. We offer value packages suitable for High Street engagement, hospitality and more as well as a range of custom services that support your brand.

Retail And Real Estate LED Solutions

Flexible and innovative LED and printing solutions for your retail shopfront, window or Real Estate Agency. 

Printing Solutions

Commercial grade and commercial printing solutions that will surprise you how economical and convenient they are. For your LED screen and other print solutions for your company. 

Digital LED Solutions

We are proud to be a leader in Australia providing the world's most innovative digital LED solutions.We offer standard sizings and fully customisable premium solutions. 

Creative Team

Stuck for that something special? Want our expert help in telling your story or getting your point across? Our Creative Team can help.

Book a Consultation Today

Not sure where to start, or want a more personalised approach? We have sales reps in every state in Australia and New Zealand and are always happy to meet with you to talk about how our products and services can help drive your business goals and help you attract, engage and close more. 

Backlit paper 125

Our paper works with both ink and laserjet printers and comes in A4 and A3 sizes. 

Economical and Convenient 

Buy LED Backlit Paper Online

Please ensure you print on the matte side in accordance with your printer's settings. 

Shipping daily from Sydney. 

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Latest News

All Bases Covered

That’s half the battle won, they’re in…and they’re interested.

Respected research tells us that companies with vibrant signage are far more likely to attract customers to their windows and lure them into the store.

It’s hardly surprising, then, that when affordability is added to the mix, research further confirms that sparkling signage – both static and digital – delivers one of the best returns on investment and objective you’re likely to experience in your business career.

It’s there, every day – and night – of the year, creating the desired and lasting impression.

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Signage Installed Since 2000


Minutes of Pure White Light In Every Screen


Collective Years of LED Experience

Seeing Is Believing

80,000 hours’ life – or more than nine years of continual use – on the LED panels.

When you own the process, from in-depth research and development, to manufacture, stringent quality control and commercialisation of the product lines, you’re able to offer so much more.

Learn More About Our Sign Board Printing Services in Australia Today

Complement your LED backlit signs with the highest quality sign board printing services available in Australia to boost your business. VirtineMedia is your one stop shop for powerful advertising, so to learn more, schedule a consultation today by calling our team at (02) 8068 6273.

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