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Backlit Paper for LED Displays

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Send a clear message and display your products using backlit paper technology. This will give you unrivaled light intensity and ensure optimal quality for your prints.
VM BACKLIGHT 125g sheets are designed to get the best out of your visuals printed. They have both a matte and a glossy side. They guarantee impeccable results, without leaving streaks on the surface of your displays.

It comes in A4 and A3 sizes for both Laser and Ink Jet Printers.

What’s Included
Includes 100 sheets.

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Our 125g LED Backlit Paper paper is compatible with both inkjet and laser printers. Please follow the steps below before printing because your printer settings might need to change.

It comes in A4 and A3 sizes for both Laser and Ink Jet Printers and includes 100 sheets.

Our professional LED backlit paper is specifically designed for printing your images on your existing laser or ink-jet printer. Using the same office printers you currently have and are ordinarily used to. It is designed for use with all backlit displays and backlit poster signs, lightboxes and many other illuminated static poster displays

Printing on a regular paper sheet will make your images appear dull and washed out, 40% less bright and may lead to ink bleed on your displays.

Ideal for Light box, LED panel, Illuminating displays
Translucent paper producing a brilliantly smooth appearance
Photos and prints look brighter and bolder and help create stunning displays 40% Brighter than regular paper
Our paper is designed for use with most desktop and inkjet printers
Widely used by real estate agent display, retail shop front window display, travel agent displays and retail café menu boards
A3 backlit sheet: 297x420mm
A4 backlit sheet: 210x297mm
Thickness: 125um / 125g


A3, A4

Printer Type

125G Ink Jet & Laser

1 review for Backlit Paper for LED Displays

  1. Marisa Perkins

    I use this paper at the real estate office I work at.
    When I initially started the position the paper we had to order had to be shipped overseas and took forever to arrive! So I was on the search for a more affordable, yet quality replacement paper.
    This paper is a little thicker than what I initially used, but after a little tweaking of printer settings, they work perfectly for our led window display photos….. and a fraction of the cost!

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