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Streamlining LED Backlit & Digital Signage for Your Business Success. VitrineMedia in partnership with LED By Us, as industry leaders, specializes in simplifying the process of incorporating LED backlit static and digital signage solutions. With our extensive experience and successful implementation of cutting-edge digital screens and equipment across Australia, our advanced digital signage software & hardware has the power to unlock the full potential of your business, captivating your audience and driving impactful results.

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Real Estate LED Signage Shop LED Displays - VitrineMedia Australia


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Real Estate LED Signage Shop LED Displays - VitrineMedia Australia


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Real Estate LED Signage Shop LED Displays - VitrineMedia Australia


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Real Estate LED Signage Shop LED Displays - VitrineMedia Australia


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Our Solutions

VitrineMedia - Dynamic Digital TV Monitors Window Signage

LCD Displays

Wall mounted and in Window Cafe & Restaurant Menu Boards, Retail Digital Signage, Real Estate Digital Displays

VitrineMedia - Digital Video Walls

Video Walls

Make an impact with 4K high definition video walls in 2×2, 3×3 or 4×2 panels. Perfect for lobbies, shopping centers, advertising and more!

VitrineMedia - Large Format LED Digital Displays

LED Displays

Large Format Indoor & Outdoor Digital LED Displays. Billboards, Scoreboards, Sports Screens. Real Estate and Retails. Video Walls Magnetic Displays Curved Displays Transparent Displays Showcases Dance Floors

VitrineMedia - Dynamic Digital Kiosks


Entice and engage your customers with VitrineMedia's sleek, dynamic and mobile Digital Kiosks

Back-Lit LED Displays

Successful companies are incorporating high impact back-lit LED technology due to its low cost and flexibility into their marketing strategy to attract attention, influence purchase decisions, and fully optimize the customer experience.

Digital Displays

We know you invest and commit significant time and money to the marketing of your products and services. The experience you are creating goes beyond basic signage. Digital media technology brings life to messaging in real time.

Best of Both Worlds

By complimenting and integrating both back-lit LED and digital signage together there is an opportunity to take your client experience to another level and stand out from the crowd.

Let us build you the perfect lighting solution

Large Format LED Signage

VitrineMedia leads in evolving indoor video displays, pioneering global innovations. Our LED designs encompass Video Walls, Magnetic Displays, Curved, Transparent, Showcases, and Dance Floors, ranging from <1mm to 6mm pitch. Brightness (1200-2000 nits), scalability, and refresh rate excel LCDs. Our focus: max brightness, heat reduction, color fidelity, power efficiency, reliability, and competitive pricing. Trust our R&D-backed products.


  • High Brightness: Offers vibrant visuals even in bright outdoor environments or well-lit indoor spaces.
  • Weather Resistance: Built to withstand outdoor elements like rain, dust, and temperature fluctuations.
  • Dynamic Content: Capable of displaying dynamic content such as videos, animations, and live feeds.
  • Remote Management: Enables remote control and content updates, making maintenance and management efficient.

Static & Interactive Digital Kiosks

Elevate your marketing with our 43 & 55 inch touch screen kiosk – perfect for stalls, bustling areas, or cafes. It outshines competitors, offering interactive edge. Easy input formats, language adaptability, and efficient use define this versatile display. Pair it with our Retail Digital Screen or place it indoors/outdoors for impact.


  • 43 & 55-inch screen for visibility, catering to all customers.
  • Android OS for seamless media adaptability.
  • All-weather kiosk excels indoors and outdoors.


  • Showcase services and products effortlessly.
  • Simple setup, minimal glitches, efficient advertising.
  • Flexibly display various media formats.

Dynamic LCD Digital Displays

The best digital signage & software solution in Australia. Create, deploy and manage content on your screens. Efficient, centralized and remote management of your content through the intuitive web interface of the LED By Us software. NO LOCK IN CONTRACTS!

Digital Displays for Hospitality & Cafe Menu Boards, Real Estate Displays, Corporate Offices, Large format Retail Signage & More

Stunning LED Video Walls

Traditional LED Walls feature a block-type construction with multiple individual LED panels being combined to create a single display surface. These highly configurable displays can be used in any indoor space, in either standard or creative aspect ratios. The displays can stand on the ground or be suspended from support structures. The bright panels are virtually immune to interference from ambient light, ensuring that your message stays front and center throughout your event.

  • Bright displays work in any light conditions
  • LED technology creates a sophisticated look
  • High-quality panels can render fine details
  • Viewable from any angle
  • Custom aspect ratios allow creative applications
  • Ground-support or suspension options