Client Success: Bayleys Real Estate Millwater

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Bayleys Millwater turns to VitrineMedia and sees 10-fold increase in presence in less than a year

The glossy marketing brochures wax lyrical about the Hibiscus Coast and its standing as a particularly attractive part of New Zealand’s North Island, said to turn the heads of those who visit the area and take in its panoramic beauty.

But it is getting stiff competition these days – and from an unlikely source: VitrineMedia’s backlit static LED screens and their equally powerful head-turning abilities.

The screens enjoy pride of place in Bayleys Real Estate’s recently opened Millwater office some 20 minutes’ drive north of Auckland and, as the company’s Sales Manager Ryan Steven explains, have played a pivotal role in helping to increase Bayleys’ presence in the area some 10-fold in less than a year.

“We have an established and successful office in the nearby suburb of Orewa but had in recent years identified Millwater as a key area for business growth given its Hibiscus Coast location and proximity to Auckland’s city centre,” Ryan says.

“So, when an office in an especially favourable location became vacant towards the end of 2018, we grabbed it with both hands and immediately turned to VitrineMedia to transform it into a major attraction on the Hibiscus Coast.

The new-look windows at Bayleys Millwater are turning heads and attracting business.

“We wanted a high-quality backlit product that would do justice to the high-quality marketing and photography of the properties we were selling, especially as the area enjoys ample foot traffic both by day and night.”

“And that is precisely what VitrineMedia, under the excellent guidance of the company’s New Zealand Operations Manager, Peter Gardner, has done, delivering an enticing window display of 12 A4 screens and four A1 screens that we know have since made a sizeable contribution to Bayleys Millwater’s early success.”

When compared with similar products used by competitors, Ryan adds that it is patently obvious that VitrineMedia’s screens are a premium product – and best of all, they cost pretty much the same as inferior copies.

“Ours shine brightly and vividly during the day, even more brilliant and intense once the sun sets, and stand in sharp contrast to the noticeably dimmer and less mesmerising competitor products. In fact, we’ve had a good few people tell us that our daytime displays exceed the competition’s night- time effect.”

The team at Bayleys Real Estate Millwater has also been overwhelmed by the amount of people that not only stop at the front of the window but take the next important step and come into the office to discuss displayed properties that have grabbed their attention. Indeed, the VitrineMedia screens are so eye-catching that the company are even receiving enquiries from passive buyers.

Ryan is further impressed by the value for money that’s synonymous with the products, knowing that VitrineMedia stands behind its brand with a range of guarantees – among them an 80,000-hour guarantee on the backlighting – that go way beyond anything offered by competitive products.

He is also generous in his praise of Peter Gardner, who he describes as “forever helpful and accommodating” to the point where he promptly lent a hand in moving the screens around when the office layout was tweaked a few months back.

“All in all, the VitrineMedia experience has been most positive and we know that the impact the screens have had in the first 10 months will continue to grow for years to come, making Bayleys Real Estate Millwater an unmissable beacon on the Hibiscus Coast.”

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