Client Success: Hedland Property Shop – Testimonial

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Client Success: Hedland Property Shop – Testimonial

Real Estate LED Signage Shop LED Displays - VitrineMedia Australia
Real Estate LED Signage Shop LED Displays - VitrineMedia Australia
Real Estate LED Signage Shop LED Displays - VitrineMedia Australia

15 DECEMBER 2023


Vitrinemedia’s excellent customer service outshines  ‘tyranny of distance’ for Hedland Property Shop

It’s common knowledge that one of Vitrinemedia’s greatest points of difference over competitors is a physical presence in each mainland state, backed by a commitment to come out in person to meet the potential client, view the location, discuss possible solutions and make educated recommendations.

And even on those odd occasions where a physical visit is not possible and would be a hefty financial burden on the client, the company has fast developed a reputation for using technology to successfully tackle the tyranny of distance and provide the client with a solution they – and their customers – love.

That was the experience of Port Hedland’s, Leah Taylor, who readily admits she felt a little ‘exposed’ when having to source her backlit LED screens without the opportunity to see, feel and touch them. 

But the director of Hedland Property Shop in the north-western West Australian town hadn’t factored in the customer service talents and product knowledge of Vitrinemedia’s Perth-based Western Australia State Manager, Chris Holdsworth. 

“We upgraded our office interior earlier this year to give it a fresh, modern and inviting look, and the visual marketing of our products was the final element of the revamp,” Leah recalls.

“Of course, we wanted our window property display to match the look and feel we’d created internally – and ideally, that would demand that I saw the Vitrinemedia screens in the flesh prior to making the purchase decision. 

“I wanted to touch it, turn it over, examine it from all aspects, and get a feel for its features and quality. I wanted to know I was making the right decision, so was understandably a little nervous when making the initial online enquiry and realising that common sense dictated that I’d have to reach a decision remotely.

“Thankfully, in Chris, I had someone with a passion for what he does, a commitment to customer service and an extensive product knowledge. Through numerous telephone calls and emails, he made sure he understood our needs and that immediately put my mind at ease.”

Leah went ahead and ordered 30 Vitrinemedia static backlit A4 screens for the first of her two large windows back in July, and being delighted with the product delivered, took what she calls the ‘no-brainer’ decision a month or so later to place an identical order for the remaining window.

“in short, we had a great experience, and it’s fair to say that working with Vitrinemedia has been an absolute pleasure, every step of the way,” Leah continues.

“The new bright and attention-grabbing window displays have significantly enhanced our property advertising, with the modern, chic and sleek design not only adding a suitable touch of sophistication but helping to captivate the attention of passersby. And after the initial success with our first batch, the decision to invest in more displays was a no-brainer.”

“The product is great, it’s stylish, it’s easy to work with and it’s low maintenance and low in its energy usage, allowing us to run the screens around the clock.

“But the pivotal point of difference was undoubtedly Chris. His assistance was invaluable. He played a crucial role in our positive experience, answering all questions in detail and accurately, helping me to understand precisely what I’d be getting and how it would work and, most importantly, making me comfortable to proceed with the purchase, screens unseen.”

Leah adds that the compliments she has received since implementing the displays is overwhelmingly positive, affirming in her mind that the Vitrinemedia static backlit LED screens are must-haves for any business looking to effectively showcase their offerings.

“I highly recommend Vitrinemedia for its top-notch products and excellent customer service in boosting a business’ visibility.”

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