Poor paper with VM screens akin to uggies and a Savile Row suit

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Poor paper with VM screens akin to uggies and a Savile Row suit
Sartorial splendour.
Two words that evoke so much, presenting a picture we all instantly recognise when it enters our
lives, even if fleetingly.
We might not all be able to achieve it, but we know it’s a compelling nod to style and sophistication,
its eye-catching powers leaving us envious of the ability of others to pull it all together – and pull it
There’s no arguing that sartorial splendour is an art, the result of all elements working in perfect
harmony to deliver a spellbinding outcome.
I can’t pretend to speak with authority on female fashion, but I did spend part of my early career in
the so-called ‘rag trade’ and have always appreciated what items of clothing can do to transform a
At its absolute finest, it usually starts with commissioning a tailor of distinction, who considers your
body shape, measures you up and carefully and lovingly crafts the perfectly fitting jacket and
He then turns his attention to a collared cotton shirt to marvellously complement the suit and create
another striking element. Then it’s time for the accessories – and here we’re talking a tie as a further
arresting focal point, a matching handkerchief in the breast pocket, the correctly toned socks and a
smart pair of fine leather shoes.
You may well ask where we are going with this, ponder how this fashion chat is relevant to your
business. Well, you’re about creating that most favourable of impressions, promoting your products
and services to the public and attracting people to your premises through, among others, alluring
and attention-grabbing window displays.
After all, that’s why you invested in VitrineMedia’s backlit LED screens and their captivating
brightness and chic, minimalistic design.
And just as the man of sartorial splendour would not for a moment think of ditching the designer
shoes for a pair of highly inappropriate – albeit super comfy – uggies, the businessperson with
VitrineMedia screens should not detract from their appeal by choosing an inferior paper.
For just as the uggies coupled with a Savile Row suit jar, so too does a print on paper that has not
been specifically created for our screens. Our backlight 125gsm paper has been thoroughly
researched and developed to enhance saturation and contrast while dispersing the VitrineMedia
screens’ cold white light in the most pleasing manner…the result being captivating imagery that’s
true to life.


It is also worth noting that while our fit-for-purpose and fully recyclable backlight paper is
unquestionably superior to competitor products on the market, it costs no more than these nasty
Better still, we have ream upon ream of our 125g backlit paper on the shelves of our fully stocked
Sydney warehouse, leaving you with the comfort of knowing that – to use the sartorial splendour
analogy – your screens, the best and the brightest in the business, will never have to pull on a pair of
Perhaps best of all, your quest for the equivalent of sartorial splendour is nowhere near as
challenging as the fashion variety as all it takes is a call to VitrineMedia to get heads turning.
You deserve it, so ditch the uggies, bring all the elements together and look the business…

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