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There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing

Skyrocketing energy prices, interest rates on the rise, cost of living pressures mounting as the humble lettuce nudges $10 a pop…

That’s the news of the day, the inflation narrative that hoggs the headlines as we move through the winter of 2022, challenged only by Covid-19’s obligatory daily updates.

At times like this, with media reports telling us that we should learn to live with petrol prices that are sure to jump again when the Federal Government’s assistance package comes to an end in September, that electricity is up about 20 per cent on the previous 12 months…and rising, and that inflation might go as high as eight percent before we see a fall, I am reminded of the saying I first heard as a young man, from an astute businessman who happened to be my first boss.

“Mike,” he said while drawing me nearer and looking me in the eye, “let me tell you something about business that you’ll do well to remember – and apply – in your own career.

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

“Whatever the situation, you are still in control, you can plan accordingly, you can choose the appropriate clothing, in a figurative sense, to see you through the stormy business chapters.”

It has proved to be a valuable lesson – and one I believe is particularly pertinent to our real estate sector now that we see a fall in house prices adding to the cocktail to create the perfect storm.

As the market gets tougher, you need to be out there, seen. But you also need to watch the pennies – and that’s where a static backlit LED product comes to the fore.

More than ever, you need to tell everyone who you are and what you do. You must create the environment that encourages people to deal with you, that warms them to you and your organisation, that instils in them that intangible confidence in you.

The seller begins to visualise their property in your window and immediately knows that a backlit VitrineMedia LED display offers them the best chance to obtain the best price…and in the shortest space of time.

The buyer, in turn, is drawn, moth-like to a flame, to the display’s cold, white and natural light that oozes feel-good properties and creates an amazingly calming ambience that’s conducive to the purchasing process.

Best of all, the power consumption of a VitrineMedia screen is miniscule in the extreme, thus taking care of your hip pocket. Without boring you with the maths, given that the average Australian cost is 30 cents per kilowatt hour, a VitrineMedia A3 screen consuming 7.5 watts per hour and running around the clock for a full month would add a paltry $1.62 to your energy bill.

Put another way, you can afford to install and run more than 40 A3 screens knowing they will chew up as much energy as just one 55-inch hi-bright television.

For good measure, VitrineMedia also strives to offer a suite of products made from materials that are recyclable.

Both our static backlit LED screens, made from materials that are 97 per cent renewable, and our 100 per cent recyclable latex printing, tick the box. We’re also one of the few manufacturers in the world to undertake, at our expense, a greenhouse gas emissions audit to identify parts in the manufacturing process we can improve on and achieve an incredibly low carbon footprint.

So, while donning the most appropriate clothing, you’re not only saving your business but the planet, too!

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