Client Success: Professionals Adelaide Hills

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VitrineMedia LED screens help Professionals Adelaide Hills achieve a triumphant first year in business

Celebrated US President, the late John F Kennedy, once noted with his characteristic perceptiveness that “every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

It’s a shrewdness that sits comfortably with his near-namesake and principal of Professionals Adelaide Hills, John D Kennedy, whose decision to move into real estate sales less than 12 months ago and give it red hot crack has certainly been triumphant.

The former high school graphic design and art teacher who later established a successful signwriting business with numerous real estate agencies as clients, also knows a thing or two about the power of visual messaging.

So, when he ventured into real estate himself and in October 2018 opened his Professionals Adelaide Hills agency on the main street of the Adelaide Hills settlement of Nairne some 35 kilometres south east of Adelaide, he knew his windows offered great opportunity.

“I was not only the new kid on the block but something of an interloper in an Adelaide Hills real estate market that has traditionally been dominated by longstanding family businesses,” John says.

“I knew I couldn’t simply open the doors, offer the same services and expect to succeed. Rather I needed a point of difference and my graphic design background told me a top class, compelling and appealing window display that was easy on the eye and made a strong ‘I’m here, I’m in business and I’m happy to disrupt the conventional real estate business model’ statement was a critical first step.”

John turned to the Internet and soon found what he was looking for at vitrineMedia, a site he says is streets ahead of its competition in its professional look and feel, its user-friendliness and the amount of useful information it carries.

“I made the call and was delighted to find that the professionalism displayed by the website permeates all aspects of the company. The VitrineMedia backlit static LED displays are beautifully designed and minimalist while being bright and attention-grabbing; the South Australian sales manager Paul Robinson responded promptly to my enquiry, took me through all the options and provided support whenever required; and the interaction with the company’s head office has always been professional and courteous.”

John’s initial order of 16 A3 screens soon became a talking point around town, with locals and visitors drawn to the windows and seen to spend a good few minutes taking in what was on offer. Interest in the new business increased, listings started to fill the screens and it wasn’t long before circular ‘SOLD’ stickers were affixed to the corners of the displays.

The Professionals Adelaide Hills was up and running, and to keep the ‘honeymoon’ momentum going, John launched a fresh approach. He’d offer the market’s lowest commission rates of just one percent, along with no admin fees and no upfront costs. Naturally, the only way to convey this significant point of difference was via more VitrineMedia screens – this time four 60cm diameter circular screens recently introduced to the range.

“Yes, I’ve put in long hours and worked extremely hard to get the Professionals Adelaide Hills up and running but I don’t believe I could have achieved what I have – a significantly better than planned for first year in business – without VitrineMedia,” John continues.

“My plan was to break even during my first year in operation and with a few months still to go, I’m already well ahead of that.

“I will be sure to add more VitrineMedia screens to my windows in the not-too-distant future.”

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