Client Success: Century 21 Eternity – Toongabbie NSW

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Shaktika ‘singhs’ the praises of VitrineMedia screens as showstoppers and money-spinners

“I haven’t got time to chat about things that don’t make me money” is a cry that, in the VitrineMedia world, stands a good chance of, well, ending in tears.

That’s the positive pronouncement of Shaktika Singh, a seasoned real estate professional who opened her successful Century 21 Eternity agency in the Sydney suburb of Toongabbie back in 2014 – and has seen property sales blossom in the 12 months since she acted on her feminine intuition that told her the brilliance of VitrineMedia’s backlit LED screens was bound to be both a showstopper and a money-spinner.

“I’m on a busy retail strip and while the business ticked over nicely enough with the old window cards as the centrepiece of our display, I knew something bright and beautiful, that lights up and makes my business stand out from the clutter of all the neighbouring businesses, would strike a chord and give me a return on investment (ROI),” she recalls.

“And in the year or so since my display of 12 A3 screens was installed, I have seen that ROI grow at, quite frankly, a rate I could only dream of. The significant increase in business can be linked to the VitrineMedia products and their stylish, alluring qualities. 

“Before the upgrade, most of the many pedestrians would amble by without stopping, but in recent months, we have noticed so many more people pausing at the windows and spending a good few minutes taking in the information on display. 

“Better still, a good percentage have taken that next important step…stepping into the premises to tell us that they have seen a property displayed in one of the screens that they would like to view ‘in the flesh’, so to speak – and in a number of cases, they have gone on to buy the property in question.”

She adds that the VitrineMedia screens have also worked to attract vendors, who have seen others’ properties displayed in the C21 Eternity windows, loved the vibrancy of the visuals and, on that basis, chosen Shaktika’s business to sell their home.  

“That’s why I’ll never understand the mindset of some who are quick to say they don’t have the time to chat about things that, in their – incorrect, as it turns out – estimation, don’t make them money.”

After seeing the VitrineMedia screens at work in a competitor’s shopfront, Shaktika made a few enquiries and within days, had the company’s CEO, Mike Toweel, sitting opposite her in her office, sharing the products’ many advantages and points of difference and taking her through a demonstration. 

“It was then, seeing how quality latex prints accentuated the screens’ pure white light and its associated calming and feel-good properties, that I knew I needed both the screens and VitrineMedia’s in-house latex printing service,” she explains.

C21 Eternity now uses VitrineMedia for all its display printing needs, a service Shaktika says is both cost-effective and super-efficient. Whenever in need of new display material, she simply provides a rudimentary design brief, saves the material as a pdf and emails it to VitrineMedia, where an in-house graphic design team prepares the display and, on client approval, prints it 

“It’s a true one-stop-shop, providing the peace of mind that comes with efficient service, quick turnaround time and a competitive price.” she enthuses.

“Add that to screens that, for all intents and purposes, serve as an additional employee – and one that is always there, working for the company, around the clock, each and every day of every year – and it’s easy to understand why I’m so full of praise for VitrineMedia’s products and people.”


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