One year on and VitrineMedia screens keep adding a whole lot of ‘ness’ for Raine & Horne’s Strathalbyn’s Sally Ness

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It started with her foresightedness, the desire for shopfront windows characterised by brightness and crispness, with a display that would instill in the community a keenness to do business with Sally Ness.

Sally is the principal of Raine & Horne Strathalbyn in the Adelaide Hills and 12 months after the VitrineMedia screens – a mix of two large banners, four A2s, 25 A3s and 32 A4s – first went into her agency, her fondness of the products is as strong, if not stronger, than on that sunny autumn day in March 2019.

A 20-year veteran in the South Australian real estate industry, Sally recalls coming to the end of an extensive exercise to revamp her heritage-listed office building on a high-profile location in the town centre.

“Heritage listing required us to work closely with local government to tick all the required boxes and once the refurbishment drew to a close, it struck me that our fantastic exterior façade needed something in the expansive windows that mirrored our new look,” she notes.

“I have seen it all in my time, from the freestanding felt-covered dividers onto which we’d pin our property cards to the more recent Perspex window cards, but I knew we needed to take a quantum leap if we were to make a bold statement.”

This led Sally and her team to search for a solution that would deliver a window presence that was modern, vibrant and reflective of how the company sees itself and believes its clients view them. That’s when Raine & Horne Strathalbyn scoured the market, drew up a short list and eventually settled on the VitrineMedia family of static backlit LED screens, across its four windows.

“We loved them the day they went in and as we’ve become more familiar with their attributes such as brightness, clarity, the minimalistic and stylish design, the reliability and the ease of use, we’re probably even more smitten today as we know what they have done for the business over the past 12 months.

“We have received an enormous amount of positive feedback, we have noticed a steady stream of visitors to our windows and it is fair to say that the VitrineMedia LED screens have contributed to additional sales and growth,” Sally continues.

As if to underline the point, she adds that sister location in the nearby Adelaide Hills town of Meadows and run by her business partner, Gary Dawe, followed suit six months later when a further A2 screen, eight A3 screens and 16 A4 screens went in at Raine & Horne Meadows.

“We now have the best presented offices in both towns and our overall appearance sends a message of professionalism that has been embraced by the public, a good few of whom are now approaching both Raine & Horne Strathalbyn and Meadows for the first time when looking to buy, sell, lease or rent.

“So, yes, we’re seeing more traffic and the screens must take much of the credit for that.”

In Strath – the abbreviation locals use when referring to their picturesque town on the banks of the Angas River – people have even approached Sally to request that she turns down our screens a tad at night as they say that’s all they can see in the town.

“We have a little chuckle and I’m left feeling great knowing that we are being seen and talked about, our profile is higher than ever and our brand top of mind among the locals.”

Raine and Horne’s strategy is to use the smaller format A3 and A4 screens to carry property cards, leaving the larger format banners and rectangular A2 screens to share and commemorate important dates on the calendar, from the more sombre Anzac Day to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Sally and Gary reserve a closing word of praise for the entire VitrineMedia experience, calling it “exceptional every step of the way.”

“We had a little hitch with the installation deadline but the company’s SA Sales Manager Paul Robinson stepped in immediately to ensure everything was delivered as promised. He also keeps in touch to find out how things are going and keep us abreast of product developments and services such as the latex printing provided by the company’s head office in Sydney.

“We continue to use this service for our large format printing and community engagement messages and have always received great quality and prompt, friendly and professional service.”

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