VitrineMedia LED screens help position travel agency as HOT destination

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VitrineMedia screens, seen here in one of the owner/operator’s store, are a big part of House of Travel’s brand strategy today and into the future.

Opportune. That’s the word House of Travel’s (HOT) Brent Thomas carefully chooses to describe the moment VitrineMedia New Zealand’s Operations Manager Peter Gardner strolled in, unannounced, to the offices of one of the holding company’s owner/operators some two years ago and introduced the group to the latest in static backlit LED screens.

As the Commercial Director of New Zealand’s largest independent travel agency – HOT has 76 offices throughout the country and more than 1,200 employees – Brent says Peter’s visit came at a time when he and his colleagues were looking to do something to improve HOT’s visibility but couldn’t quite put their fingers on what it was.

“The owner/operator immediately contacted me, in Eureka-like fashion, to tell me he thought he had just found that hitherto elusive solution we were looking for and was eager to catch up to share the discovery,” recalls Brent, who explains that as HOT owns a 50 per cent stake in all outlets and the owners/operators the balance, all opportunities are shared and discussed and decisions made collectively.

“I liked what I saw, so much so that took a few screens with me to our February 2020 conference in Hawaii and presented the solution to the owner/operators…and the rest, as they say, is history.”

The interest was instant and unanimous and over the past two years, some 81 A0 screens, complemented by a further seven A1 screens and a total of 22 A3 screens have been rolled out across almost 50 per cent of the HOT sites. And in Brent’s words, VitrineMedia is now a key element of House of Travel’s brand strategy.

He further explains that the large format A0 and A1 screens have been particularly popular with the group, especially given the relatively large footprint of HOT stores versus competitors and associated expansive windows and interior walls.

“We find that the large format sizes not only work best in the space available but they amply accommodate and celebrate the bold messaging and spectacular destination photography we display.

“The feedback from all concerned has further vindicated the decision. Customers have gone out of their way to comment favourably on the HOT visual presentation and praise the alluring power of the VitrineMedia screens, while enquiries and sales have improved and owner/operators and their teams have voiced an added sense of pride knowing the displays add to the professionalism, innovation and world-class standing of the businesses.

“VitrineMedia has delivered a very, very good solution. They look so good, they work for us and it is quick and easy to change the imagery, an important factor in an industry where things can and often do change daily. But perhaps the greatest comfort comes from knowing that the LED lighting is guaranteed for over nine years of uncomplicated and hassle-free life.

“As I said earlier, they’re a big part of our brand strategy today and into the future and we will definitely continue to install the VitrineMedia products across our sites.”

Brent also reserved special praise for VitrineMedia’s Peter Gardner, calling him “professionalism personified” and commending the advice and guidance he has provided.

“We’re experts in travel, VitrineMedia are experts in backlit LED displays and we believe Peter’s input has helped us to get maximum bang for our buck.”

With such high praise, it comes as no surprise that Brent is an advocate of VitrineMedia, although there’s a little rider…

“I will definitely recommend VitrineMedia; only not to the competition.” Enough said!

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