Client Success: Signature Homes

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Client Success Signature Homes

Magical VitrineMedia LED screens the perfect fit for promoting Signature Homes’ house and land packages

The VitrineMedia backlit LED screens are an integral part of Signature Homes’ business.

Sometimes, it requires several sets of eyes seeing things from a different perspective and then experiencing something of an epiphany to place an organisation on an exciting new path.

The organisation in question happens to be one of New Zealand’s premier homebuilders, Signature Homes; the vision came from a group in the marketing team who, on working through the desired imagery and messaging to support the company’s expansion of its focus from one solely designing and building homes to more actively promoting the full house and land package offering.

As Signature Homes’ Marketing and Digital Manager Chelsea Armitage recalls, the brainstorming session threw up the notion that Signature, with its house and land package suite, needed to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’, especially as much of what the company was looking to sell were architectural concepts.

“We realised that our then system – presenting our product offerings on A3 bond paper placed within window- and wall-mounted Perspex frames – didn’t quite capture the essence and appeal of what we were offering,” Chelsea says.

“As the support office for the Signature Homes franchisees, part of our role is to familiarise ourselves with relevant products on the market and recommend those we believe will improve their operations and grow their businesses.

“So, we looked beyond our industry for possible solutions and found that a good number of real estate agencies in the area had VitrineMedia’s backlit static LED screens in their shopfronts, they were powerful and impactful and seemed to be working to great effect.

“We then had a chat with VitrineMedia’s New Zealand Operations Manager, Peter Gardner and with his assistance, came up with what we believed would work for us in enhancing the marketing presence of our franchisees.

That was some two years ago. Chelsea and her team took the idea to senior management and after a head office presentation by VitrineMedia, the decision was made to recommend the company’s extensive range of products – VitrineMedia offers everything from A4 to A0 screens, as well as two banners and a 600mm diameter circle – to franchisees.

Four of Signature Homes’ 12 franchisees have since invested in the products, with others looking to do likewise as they upgrade their offices or relocate to new premises.

Already, the Signature Homes group is home to more than 50 VitrineMedia A3 screens – deemed the ideal size for displaying house and land package renderings and pertinent information – a large banner and about a dozen mobile stands.

“Feedback from franchisees who have already purchased and installed the VitrineMedia screens has all been positive,” Chelsea adds.

“They have told us that the after-dark impact of the VitrineMedia screens gives them around-the- clock exposure and has led to greater business, while the energy efficiency of the A3 screens that each draw just eight watts allows them to keep the screens on 24/7.

“Some have further commented on how the backlit screens are extremely well-suited to displaying our architectural renderings of house and land packages in vibrant colour and sharpness and mentioned that customers have commented on the professional look of the screens, which reinforces the professionalism for which Signature Homes is known for and places us ahead of our competitors.”

With the VitrineMedia screens fast becoming an integral part of Signature Homes’ business, especially as the company places greater focus on selling house and land packages, Chelsea envisages more offices taking up the product in 2020.

“Selling house and land packages can be difficult as we are selling a vision rather than a finished product – and this is where the VitrineMedia screens really shine in showing off our architectural renderings and allowing us to showcase how our homes will look as opposed to talking about the building process,” she concludes.

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