Client Success: Gloria Jean’s Williamstown

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Client Success Gloria Jean's Williamstown

Rohit is full of beans as VitrineMedia’s backlit LED screens see profits soar at Gloria Jean’s

It’s a fast and frenetic business running a popular coffee shop in suburban Melbourne, which probably accounts for Rohit Rishi’s desire to get things done quickly but at the same time well.

His impatience, if you can call it that, has proved to be something of a blessing, though, with his constant hounding of the Gloria Jean’s Coffees head office eventually paving the way for his Williamstown coffeehouse to become the first in Victoria to receive the franchise group’s makeover of VitrineMedia backlit LED screens…and with it a surge in profits.

Rohit, who has run the business for the past three years, remembers hearing about the VitrineMedia screens from a colleague in New South Wales. He recalls, too, making an immediate effort to familiarise himself with the range as the displays were, as he diplomatically puts it “leaning towards the daggy”.

“I was blown away by what I saw as the VitrineMedia backlit LED screens placed alongside my then displays served only to reinforce the view that the old menu boards and poster material belonged in a time long passed such was the striking difference between the two,” he says.

“And since the mid-year installation of a suite of 10 VitrineMedia A1 screens and a further two A4 counter displays, I’ve got more than even I bargained for.

“The new screens have wowed all who have seen them, they’ve taken staff morale to new heights and yes, I am certain that their powerful and persuasive messaging, conveyed by the cold white light of the backlighting and the high-quality latex prints provided by VitrineMedia, have played a significant part in increased sales.

“The combination exudes a special magnetism – and that has undoubtedly been a factor in an increase in customers and the amount they spend on coffees, refreshing drinks, sweet and savoury foods and even the odd cup of tea!”

As the first store in Victoria to receive the makeover, Rohit’s Williamstown coffeehouse is now something of a destination store among other Melbourne franchisees, many of whom have popped by to see the screens in action and witness first-hand their attraction and appeal.

His two window-hanging A1 screens carry promotional messages, special offers and signature dishes and combinations. Their purpose is to advertise the business and draw people in.

Once inside, the eight wall-mounted A1 screens display a mix of menu boards, food and drink shots and seasonal specials; while the two A4 counter screens, strategically positioned alongside the cash registers, reinforce promotional messages and special offers.

Rohit is legendary for going the extra mile to keep his customers happy and satisfied and, being at the coalface in the demanding hospitality industry just about every minute of every working day, he knows a thing or two about praise being hard-earned.

He’s not one to dish it out willy-nilly either, but that hasn’t stopped him from being lavish and vocal in his praise of VitrineMedia’s people and products.

“Dealing with VitrineMedia, more specifically with Sydney-based chief executive officer Mike Toweel, has been an absolute pleasure,” he says.

“In fact, the experience has been characterised by excellence every step of the way and in every aspect of the journey. Everything was delivered on promise, nothing was too much trouble and the products have transformed my coffeehouse into Gloria Jean’s Coffees’ star store in Victoria.

“My only regret is that I don’t have the space to install more of this outstanding product.”

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