Client Success: Julie Harris Realty

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Client Success Julie Harris Realty

Winning VitrineMedia’s ‘Pimp my Shopfront’ promo gives Julie Harris Realty the perfect start to a new life

They say good things happen to good people – and that has certainly been the case for Julie Harris since she said goodbye to the mainstream real estate industry in early 2017 and hello to the slightly scary but bursting with opportunity world of a little home business.

Since that fateful day when she flew the coop to set up her solo operation with a promise to set a new standard in communication and honesty, she has been so successful that the one-person operation, initially listing and selling properties from a spare bedroom at home, has grown to nine people.

Now, with the thriving Julie Harris Realty having just opened its first office in the Brisbane suburb of Mt Gravatt East , good things again came Julie’s way when her entry in VitrineMedia’s ‘Pimp my Shopfront’ competition, a promotion run in conjunction with Elite Agent magazine, was voted the best and saw her win a fully installed display of VitrineMedia backlit LED screens.

The competition calls on entrants to explain why their shopfront is in need of a facelift and in Julie’s case, it was pretty simple: she’d just signed the lease on what, in her words, was “an old office in a pretty poor state”.

“The office had to be completely gutted and refitted before we could move in – and with our choice of 16 A3 screens and one large format A1 screen as the prize, we have dramatically transformed the office into one of the most striking in the neighbourhood,” Julie enthuses.

“And thanks largely to the sleek and minimalistic design of the screens and the expert advice of VitrineMedia’s Queensland Sales Manager, Enrico Barone, we were able to be that bit more creative with our interior design and achieve an ambience that’s inviting and interactive.

“Enrico was great, fully buying into my wish to be a little different and coming up with the idea of a bank of A3 screens on the interior wall.

“The large format A1 screen hangs in the front window to create the initial impact and draw people closer, while the open access to the interior wall of A3 displays invites them in, where we are able to engage with them.”

In the short two months since the early September 2019 installation, Julie says the screens’ clean lines, vibrant backlighting and images produced on VitrineMedia’s special backlit paper – and in the A1’s case, on VitrineMedia’s in-house latex printer – have ensured that all visual material and messaging is portrayed in the most appealing light.

“This has led to numerous walk-ins from potential buyers and sellers, helping us to take our business up another notch and establish the desirable presence from the word go,” Julie continues.

“I am just so grateful to VitrineMedia for the opportunity to have these screens installed in our office as without winning the prize, I doubt I would have had the budget to purchase them at this stage in our company’s life.”

So how did this all come about, you ask?

“Well,” explains Julie, “I’m a regular reader of Elite Agent’s digital magazine and distinctly recall waking up early one Sunday morning, flicking through my mobile phone, finding the promo, thinking ‘why not?’ and entering the competition without for a moment thinking I’d be successful.”

Yes, Julie Harris is living proof that good things do indeed happen to good people!

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