Client Success: Redlynch Real Estate

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Client Success Redlynch Real Estate

VitrineMedia LED screen installation a red-letter day!

The Oxford English Dictionary describes a ‘red-letter day’ as one that is “pleasantly noteworthy or memorable” while the Cambridge English Dictionary pretty much follows suit calling it “a special, happy, and important day that you will always remember” and the Collins English Dictionary records it as “a day that you will always remember because something good happens to you then.”

The gist is that it’s a day filled with positivity – and that was certainly the case for Redlynch Real Estate when the Cairns-based company invested in VitrineMedia’s world-leading static backlit LED screens in October 2018.

As Redlynch Real Estate’s Principal David Jeffries recalls, he had been on the lookout for a modern window display that, being visible around the clock each and every day of the year, would advertise the business 24/7 and increase marketing exposure while being sympathetic to the heritage-style building the business occupies on Intake Road.

“Of course, value for money was another factor and when I meandered through the exhibition hall at AREC 2018 on the Gold Coast last May and the vibrancy of the VitrineMedia stand caught my eye, my heart leapt…” he recounts.

“Suddenly, there it was in front of me, the very solution I had long been looking for.”

“But I immediately mused that its beauty, style, sophistication and radiance surely came at a price beyond our budget and so with big dollar signs infiltrating my head, I approached with understandable trepidation when I enquired after the price.”

“Imagine my pleasant surprise when the equally pleasant salesperson on the stand gave me the very affordable numbers and offered to take me through the suite of products, their many features and the countless benefits for a business such as ours. And it wasn’t just the very reasonable cost of the technology itself but the extremely low energy consumption of LED, not to mention the peace of mind that comes with VitrineMedia’s raft of warranties and guarantees.”

The salesperson in question was VitrineMedia’s Queensland Sales Manager, Enrico Barone, who would go on to play an important role in delivering the ideal solution for Redlynch Real Estate – 20 A3 and nine A4 screens that, with VitrineMedia having its Australian headquarters and fully stocked warehouse in Sydney and being the designer, manufacturer and supplier of the products, are guaranteed for 80,000 hours…or put another way, almost a decade of non-stop usage.

“Enrico was everything we could have asked for – professional, helpful, patient and more than happy to go out of his way to attend to our every need. He made the 3,600-kilometre round trip from Gold Coast to Cairns, twice – first to confirm all window measurements and meet with the Redlynch Real Estate team and, once the sale was concluded, to attend to the installation.”

“He displayed immense patience as we toyed with various layouts and associated costs and requested numerous tweaks before settling on a window display that was in line with budget and gave our shop frontage a distinctly 21st Century look without in any way clashing with the building’s heritage features.”

“In fact, the modern and minimalist, almost classic style of VitrineMedia’s bright and slim backlit LED screens blend perfectly with our architecture.”

The reaction from the public has been unreservedly positive, with many sharing how much they love the lighting particularly in the early morning and late afternoon. There has also been a dramatic increase in people approaching the windows and stopping to view the listings on display.

“The VitrineMedia screens are definitely a vital additional tool in our marketing mix that allow us to cross-sell to potential sellers while providing a great easy-to-read and around the clock service to our buyers,” adds David.

“And yes, those dictionary definitions are spot one – the day we flicked the power switch and our screens burst into a show of beautiful white light was undoubtedly our red-letter day.”

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