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We live in a beautiful world – and its beauty is something more and more of us are beginning to take to heart, with a steely determination to do the right thing and leave our children and grandchildren with an even more spectacular and liveable planet.

It’s a sentiment that, thankfully, is also taking hold in the corporate world, with companies increasingly adhering to what’s known as ‘the triple bottom line’ accounting framework. In a nutshell, companies realise the days of being judged solely by the more traditional performance yardstick of profitability are long gone.

That doesn’t mean we have an issue with the need for corporates to make money. On the contrary, that’s a given if they’re to continue to exist, grow, create employment opportunities and contribute to the economy. It does mean, though, that the new world we live in has rightly decreed that to be deemed a good corporate citizen, we need to add the social and environmental elements of ‘people’ and ‘planet’ to the mix.

These three bottom lines are commonly referred to the Three Ps. And while ‘people’ is all about paying living wages and treating employees and suppliers fairly, it’s the ‘planet’ part we’d like to focus on – if only because it’s the area where we at VitrineMedia can play a part in helping you to be more responsible and successful when it comes to reducing your ecological footprint.

That might sound like a somewhat grandiose statement but the truth is, when your research and development efforts have succeeded in producing a range of backlit LED screens that, made from materials that are 97 per cent renewable, are lauded for having one of the lowest carbon footprints, it’s not without merit.

Add to that minuscule power consumption – a staggering 50 to 60 VitrineMedia A3 backlit LED screens chew up as much energy as just one 55-inch High Bright television – and you’re starting to understand the positive impact.

But to provide you with the choice of ‘green’ printing, we have invested in an environmentally- friendly large format latex printer that uses a pigmented, water-based ink free of the volatile organic compound nasties found in solvent-based inks that can be harmful to both the environment and ourselves.

We can now offer our customers bright, powerful and alluring window displays that, while celebrating the full spectrum of colour, remains very much ‘green’ at heart.

Latex alone offers a most profound depth of colour, saturation, contrast and clarity. Its UV-resistant qualities deliver in-your-face powerful imagery that, for between 12 and 18 months in an external environment and up to 36 months behind the protection of a pane of glass, will not fade or deteriorate, regardless of what the weather gods throw at it.

And as with all water-based inks, they – along with the material they’re printed one – are completely recyclable. When you’re done with the backlit LED displays and the prints, you simply toss them into the recycle bin rather than the nearby general trash container that eventually finds its way to landfill.

Here’s one final, compelling reason if you’re still wavering over the wisdom of using our latex print service for all your printing needs:

The result is top quality prints, time and again – and at the same price of standard inkjet printing thanks to us absorbing the increased printing costs of latex.

That’s before we even mention the pricelessness of the warm glow you’ll feel knowing you’ve contributed to the sustainability of our planet.

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