Digital LED Displays: We’ve Seen the Light – Now It’s Your Turn

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We’ve seen the light and now it’s your turn – with VirtineMedia’s new Light & Play digital display that puts the brightness of television screens in the shade now available in Australia.

Developed in association with a major international television monitor manufacturer and launched in Europe amid great fanfare last year, we’ve been itching to get the product here but have also been determined to ensure that it’s right for the rather unique environment of the sunburnt country.

After all, the sun is altogether harsher down here, so we went out of our way to get the product rigorously tested and retested in sunnier climes more akin to what we experience. We took it to Portugal during the height of summer and tested it against the afternoon sun in the west. Spain was the next stop, with the French Riviera bringing to test cycle to a close.

It came up trumps everywhere, under all conditions and at different times of the day, its 1500 nits – a nit being a measurement of the brightness of light – glowing beacon-like even in direct sunlight and leaving the standard range of televisions, with their 500 or so nits, well and truly in the dark.

The next stop was AREC 2019 on the Gold Coast in early June, where it was equally enthusiastically received by the good number of visitors to our stand. The consensus was that VitrineMedia Light & Play represents an exciting foray into the digital market with an inexpensive product of exceptional quality.

It’s not only the brightness of the Light & Play that is generating excitement across the real estate and retail sectors but the incredible “wow” factor created when the bright, dynamic screen sits comfortably alongside and complements the cold white light emitted from VitrineMedia’s family of static backlit LED screens.

What’s more, it’s fit is more than just aesthetic.

The modular 21.5-inch screens (that’s somewhere between the size of our A3 screen and our A2 option) are technologically compatible too, running off the same power and the same infrastructure as their static cousins.

The technology is also incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to either log onto a Cloud-based software program and upload the dynamic content – be it video content, pictures, whatever you fancy – or giving you the option to manage and change the content via an SD card.

And the real cool thing is that you can upgrade your current static display to dynamic in, quite literally, a minute. You simply unplug the static A3 or A2 screen it will be replacing, insert and connect the Light & Play via the same double hammer cables used in the static display, flick the power switch and viola, you’ll see the light!

Okay, perhaps the really, really cool thing is that there’s so much flexibility and customer- friendliness built into the VitrineMedia Australia and New Zealand offer.

We’ve taken on board the fact that digital’s lifespan is not the greatest, and that technology keeps changing and improving at a rapid rate. Our solution is to offer VitrineMedia Light & Play as a solution for all seasons.

Buy outright if that’s your preference.

But why not lease and after two years, we will replace the screens with the latest available products and associated software and the leasing cycle recommences.

There is no contract either, so if you find that digital is not the path for you, you are not tied to an ongoing expense. Should you choose to terminate, just give us a call, we’ll collect the kit and you won’t be charged for anything more than the months during which you had the product.

We suspect that’s unlikely, though, as at just $89 per month – or a little over $1,000 per year – it must be just about the best value under the harsh Australian sun. And dare I say, a far better way to spend a K than on a single A4 advert in some reputable magazine!

Interested? Get in touch today.

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