Come Rain or Shine, Latex Stands the Test of Time

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You may recall that we spoke some time back in an earlier blog about latex printing and how it supports our – and perhaps your – green credentials.

We shared how it is a pigmented, water-based ink that has none of the volatile organic compound nasties found in solvent-based inks – things like hazardous chemicals emitting vile odours and vapours that, in some cases, are harmful not only to the environment but to people.

We mentioned, too that the prints we produce on our large format commercial latex printer using HP latex inks carry a whole swathe of internationally recognised green endorsements.

The good news doesn’t stop at latex printing’s environmental friendliness. The end results are spectacular, to, all of which means you can feel good about yourself while receiving top quality prints, every time.

Latex alone offers such a profound depth of colour, saturation, contrast and clarity. It delivers in-your-face powerful imagery that, for between 12 and 18 months in an external environment, will not fade or deteriorate, regardless of what the weather gods choose to throw at it.

Driving rain that, powered by howling winds, sweeps in horizontally? Too easy.

Direct sunlight on a 40-plus degree day out in woop woop, somewhere up Ship Creek? No worries.

This is the Chuck Norris of prints, able to survive – some would say thrive – for up to a year and a half out in the open, in the path of blazing sunlight and dramatic thunderbolt-and-lightning-very-very-frightening tropical thunderstorms.

That’s no degradation to its sharp, bright and crisp look, its impressive depth of field and its vivid representation of colour.

So, if it’s tucked behind our VitrineMedia backlit LED screens, either in the shopfront window, affixed to a mobile stand enjoying pride of place in the reception area or mounted as part of an interior wall display, its life expectancy will easily nudge the 36-month mark.

And that, in a world where messages change very quickly, is way more than enough, especially when you consider that branding and profile-raising messages tend to be seasonal and seldom exceed six months. It’s even less when we’re talking business awards and hero properties and considerably lower with standard property displays.

You can be sure the colour retention, the contrast, the clarity and the saturation will outlast the life of a particular message or promotion because latex inks comprise plastic-like particles of pigment suspended in a water-based solution. And like all inks that use pigments rather than dyes, that makes latex inks highly UV-resistant.

Another advantage is latex printing’s versatility. It can be printed on all manner of materials, including the polyethylene terephthalate – or PET – plastic coated film we use on our latex printer to provide you with the most alluring images to display in your VitrineMedia backlit static LED screens.

And finally, although a little more expensive than inkjet prints, we’ve taken a corporate decision, in line with our environmental commitment, to deliver latex prints at inkjet prices.

It’s a no-brainer, really. If part of your corporate mission is to be mindful of and sympathetic to our delicate and fragile planet without compromising on quality, latex printing is your go-to solution for all your current and future marketing, promotional and sales campaigns.


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