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We’re all familiar with the phrase “the calm before the storm” and it’s mostly daunting connotations.

It’s a different matter entirely, though, in the world of real estate, where the “calm” comes in the shape of the cold white light of VitrineMedia’s backlit LED screens …and the “storm” in the form of the sales surge that invariably follows their installation.

That’s largely because the light we use, without getting too technical, is 10,000 Kelvin, the Kelvin being a degree of temperature on the Kelvin scale which, in turn, is a scale used to measure the colour temperature of a light.

At 10,000 Kelvin, we’re talking cold, white and natural light in every way, oozing feel-good properties and creating an amazingly calming ambience for a guaranteed 80,000 hours – or, with 8,760 hours in a year, a tad over nine years – of non-stop light.

Free from artificial colour, what you see is precisely how nature intended it to be viewed. If you’ve ever walked past a Marine Reef Tropical Aquarium with all the fish, all the corals and the pretty colours, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You’re awe-struck; you stop in your tracks and your turn around to take a closer look.

The natural, undiluted state is cold white light at play, delivering an unfair advantage and harnessing the power of light to enhance your brand, build your profile, attract new buyers and encourage
sellers to consider you when contemplating an agency.

Whether you’re a country agency looking to display your properties in small format A4 or A3 or a swish boutique agency in inner city suburbia more inclined to larger format branding, our cold white light is ready to enhance the buyer experience, celebrate your really cool space, invite prospects in to say hi, discover what’s on offer, find out what’s different about you and, most importantly, learn how you might just be the people to provide them with the real estate outcome they so crave.

It’s all about creating the environment that encourages people to deal with you, that warms them to you and your organisation, that instils in them confidence in dealing with you. They begin to visualise their property in your window and immediately know that a backlit VitrineMedia LED display offers them the best chance to obtain the best price…and in the shortest space of time.

I say VitrineMedia because there are plenty of cheap alternatives out there that will glow almost as brightly as our products, at least in the short term.

Packed with inferior filaments and overloaded with current, they’re running at way beyond capacity and, just like the foolhardy bloke who sprints off Usain Bolt-like at the start of a marathon only to fall back a few kilometres into the race – and fall into a heap soon thereafter – the “el cheapo” will hit the wall at about two years.

Its light will turn a shade of yellow before deteriorating to an off-beige colour and then, you’ve guessed it…KAPUT!

When you buy cheap, it’s suffering you reap – and we all know there is no calm in that.

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