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Blessed with an expansive shopfront window but feeling cursed because you can’t find anything that works across such a large area? And by works, you mean provides a shining beacon that beckons prospects as much during the day as it does at night?

We hear you, we’ve scoured the market at home and abroad and we have found a solution that perfectly complements our VitrineMedia backlit LED screens and ticks all the boxes you’ve identified.

Thanks to a new relationship we’ve struck up with LG and Hewlett-Packard, we’re excited to share the news that we now are now able to offer the LG Vivid Vision product that has been taking Europe by storm and, you can be sure, is poised to do likewise across this sunburnt country of ours.

While a little different from our traditional VitrineMedia range, the LG Vivid Vision product nonetheless falls into the broad ‘backlit’ family thanks to the clever use of a special silicon diffusion layer that acts very much like a backlight film when a light source is applied to it.

The polyester-based (PET) dual vision self-adhesive window film can be printed to all sizes – either as a single print or a multitude of prints brought together as a single image on a large window in much the same way as the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle come together to deliver a final, comprehensive ‘whole’ picture.

The film is affixed to the inside of the window, making the LG Vivid Vision solution spectacular in its simplicity.

In daylight hours and when viewed from the inside, the sun’s rays give it a sparkling lightbox-type look. And when the day draws to a close and the sun dips below the horizon, the good ambient light within a business’ premises – that’s all you need, good ambient light and a clear path between the light source and the window – will deliver the same lightbox effect to the outside world.

The simplicity extends to the UV and latex printable material itself. The self-adhesive vinyl is easy to manage so much so that no outside installation skills are required – or expenses incurred – to apply it to the inside of the window. A little attention to detail, along with a sprinkling of patience that you’re sure to find among at least one member of your team is all you need to achieve a clean, smooth finish and a professional look.

The product is particularly suited to the likes of automotive dealerships, property developers and others with floor-to-ceiling glass looking to utilise every millimetre of available space. It’s also ideal in cases where there are accessibility challenges and no power supply nearby.

We are furthermore finding that LG Vivid Vision is most appealing to those seeking a relatively inexpensive – it comes in at about $300 per square metre – and short term solution. Whether for three, six or 12 months, once it has served its purpose it leaves you with another warm glow as you dispose of the fully recyclable material, keep it out of landfill and do your bit for the environment.

The arrival of LG Vivid Vision on our shores means we are now in the unique and enviable position of being able to cater for every need…and whether you choose the VitrineMedia backlit LED screens or the PET-based dual vision self-adhesive window film, you can be sure you’ll have a display that oozes light and works to raise your profile, build your brand and have prospects pouring in.


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