Of Thongs, Footy Shorts and Bintang Singlets…

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Pull up a chair and consider the following…

You’re in the running for a job you’ve been hankering after for ages. It’s something very important to you and you want to do everything in your power to pull it off, land the gig and live the dream.

Besides being well-prepared – that’s a given and you can be sure all the other shortlisted candidates will be similarly au fait with the company, the details of the job, the expectations and the skills set
that your potential employer believes is vital to make a success of it – you need to go the extra mile, to a place beyond the norm.

You need to stand out, you need to yell “pick me, pick me” so convincingly that the person conducting the interview will feel compelled to concur.

So you wouldn’t rock up in your much-loved and sweat-stained thongs, your favourite old paint- splattered footy shorts and that tight-fitting Bintang singlet you picked up for a song on your last Bali
holiday, would you?

Of course not. You will present yourself in a manner befitting the occasion, knowing that your first impression will go a long way towards establishing a perception in the mind of the person interviewing you.

You know you have a very short window in which to make that first impression and you are determined to stride in, oozing professionalism and confidence and surrounded by an aura that says “I mean business…”

Once they get to know you, you’re able to sell your many other attributes but at the outset, when they’re trying to clamour through the noise that is the other applicants, you must be that beacon.

It’s the same with business, whether you’re in real estate, retail or a myriad other fields of enterprise. You’re also fighting the noise of successful competitors, all of whom you can be sure have the basics in place – like a website and other online sales tools, where they’re also battling a growing cacophony. So why wouldn’t you advertise and promote your website on your window in a bright, clean and cold white light VitrineMedia backlit LED screen and so drive traffic to the site?

Why wouldn’t you, as a real estate agent, display your properties in the same bright, clean and cold white light of VitrineMedia’s backlit LED screens rather than continue with old acrylic property cards that, let’s be honest, are the business premises equivalent of thongs, footy shorts and Bintang singlets?

You need to position yourself as an outfit that wants to be in business, that wants to move forward and that is the “pick me, pick me” business, if you like.

You also need to say goodbye and food riddance to the hoary old argument that “my windows don’t do much for me…” as it is fundamentally flawed. You’re in real estate, you talk to your market daily about location, location and location being everything, you practice what you preach by establishing your business at ground level – and with expansive windows – on the high street rather than on the 19th floor of some office tower.

So why do you pay a premium if you’re getting nothing from the passing parade? The truth is, it IS about location, even more so as market conditions toughen. That’s when making every post, every touch point a winner becomes paramount and will ensure that you get the optimum outcome – the best result (read price) in the shortest period.

Ultimately, it’s all about profile and presentation. If you don’t have a them, you don’t have visibility. And without visibility, you probably don’t have a future.


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