Our Green Printing Delivers A Rainbow Of Brilliant Colours

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Our green printing delivers a rainbow of brilliant colours

Green is the universally accepted colour for ‘go’ – and with our new VitrineMedia latex printing offerings delivering environmentally-friendly outcomes and so much more, we’d like to suggest it’s time you got going…

We have always had the environment and its wellbeing at the top of our list and, as an environmentally responsible company, our research and development efforts have produced a range of products made from materials of which 97 per cent are recyclable.

Add to that a miniscule carbon footprint thanks to insignificant power consumption – yes, between 50 and 60 of our A3 backlit LED screens chew up as much energy as just one 55-inch High Bright television – and it’s clear that we’re a company that lives by our values and practices what we preach.

In short, our actions speak louder than our words – seen most recently in the field of printing, where with the introduction of latex printing capabilities at our Sydney headquarters, the very materials we print your backlit LED screen cards and posters on are recyclable.

Our latex story has its beginnings in late 2017 when someone at an executive meeting scratched his head and thought for a moment before sharing this gem:

“We sell a world-leading product with an incredibly small carbon footprint, right?”

“Right,” the room nodded in unison.

“So why wouldn’t we take our green credentials a step further by providing our customers with small and large format prints that not only look fantastic but, when no longer required, can be disposed of in the recycle bin rather than general trash that eventually finds its way to landfill?” he questioned.

It made perfect sense and before the meeting closed, we had briefed our finest minds to explore the options and come back with a recommendation.

The version was unanimous: latex is the way to go, and for many reasons!

There’s very little fade with latex, even when exposed to harsh direct sunlight.

Then there’s the fact that the inks are waterproof, so there’s no danger – as there is with inkjet printing – of perspiring hands sullying the print quality and transferring some of the image onto your hands…or worse still, the screen cover.

What’s more, given that the inks used are all water-based means they – along with the material they’re printed one – are completely recyclable.

The other enormous advantage is the vivid colours they produce as the new latex printers read the colour files incredibly well and print them in an almost uncanny true-to-life fashion. It’s all about giving you a high contrast, high saturation print that treats colour the way nature intended.

Better still is the fact that, as part of our corporate commitment to the environment and to encourage as many of our customers as possible to embrace latex printing, we have absorbed the increased printing costs to offer you latex and all its benefits at the price of your previous inkjet printing.

And for those of you in the hospitality industry and a little concerned about its health and safety attributes, the latex prints comply with all relevant standards, making them safe to use anywhere in the establishment, including in the food preparation areas.

Happily, these messages have been getting through and since our entry into the world of latex printing in March this year, we have been flooded by requests from customers, so much so that we’re now looking to invest in even bigger printing machines.

The feedback, too, has been unequivocally positive. Apart from leaving them with the warmness that comes from being green, they’ve also been singing the praises of all the other colours of the rainbow!

Bright, vivid and strong are words they regularly utter when sharing their latex printing experiences.

Green, as I said at the outset, is the universally accepted colour for ‘go’. But it’s also associated with something else.

And when you get going with our latex printing and its exceptional quality, it’s only a matter of moments before your competitors out there are left green with envy…

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