What Price Is Peace of Mind?

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Being a world leading global company with our very own research and development team, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, stringent quality control measures and the widest range of innovative product offerings on the market, there’s a lot about VitrineMedia that our competitors simply cannot match.

It’s the guarantee that peace of mind is very much part of the deal. It’s there in the world class backlit LED screens that carry our name as much as it’s present in the range of services we provide. See our range now!

To give you a taste of how it all plays out in reality, consider this as but a small example of our unique approach: We are the only company in our sector to stand by a no-questions-asked promise to replace, free of charge, the first VitrineMedia backlit LED screen you might break or damage while familiarising yourself with its workings.

We appreciate that we are all human and prone to the occasional error, particularly when dealing with a product for the first time.

You might not realise that the magnetised cover opens diagonally, only partially and at an angle that allows the new visual to be slotted in. And when you inadvertently pull at the cover, yank it back beyond the point of no return and it gives that distinctive groan to indicate that something has snapped or broken, we’re happy to replace it, free of charge.

We know, too, that the chances of you breaking a second screen are minuscule as you will have learned your lesson, thankfully without having had to pay a hefty fee for the experience.

That’s customer service the VitrineMedia way, carefully conceptualised and packaged to ensure that each and every one of you has that priceless peace of mind that means so much in a world increasingly cluttered with poor service and broken promises.

And our service is designed to match and stand proudly alongside the product excellence that has long been synonymous with the VitrineMedia brand.

The world-class VitrineMedia experience starts the moment we get chatting about how we can transform your windows and make your visual marketing messages truly remarkable. It continues through every step of the business relationship, regardless of where in Australia you may live and work.

We’re there too, with offices in every mainland state and a sales presence in the territories and Tasmania. Find an office near you today. Our offices are staffed by passionate locals just like you, all of whom have an intimate knowledge of the VitrineMedia product suite and an understanding of not only your establishment but the idiosyncrasies associated with doing business in your part of the world.

Expert installation teams are also present across the country, ready to attend to all installs in a timely and professional manner and provide advice on all technical and maintenance matters.

The VitrineMedia frontline team is backed by a customer success team in the company’s Sydney head office that takes care of all aspects of our business partnership. Don’t miss out on meeting with our them today!

They will process and dispatch your order as expediently as possible, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. They will also see to all administrative aspects to ensure a seamless and positive experience and look after all your printing – on a large format in-house latex printer – and paper needs.

We call them our customer success – as opposed to our customer service – team for a very good reason that goes way beyond semantics to the very core of our business philosophy: when you, our customers, succeed, so too do we.

So, before being tempted by a cheaper no name brand or inferior product, pause for a moment and ask yourself:

What price peace of mind?

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