How to Choose the Perfect LED Signage for Your Business

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LED signs are a powerful marketing tool for business owners who want to stand out in their community. As well as being more eye-catching, they make a lasting impression. Signs with LEDs are versatile and can be used effectively in many ways to enhance your branding.

However, with so many different options available choosing the right LED Business Signs can be confusing. If you want to select the right LED business signs, you need to consider the type of traffic you plan to target. Once you do, then you will be able to gauge the viewing distance and content your LED sign will relay to your targeted audience. Below we will cover what types of LED signage are available on the market, and how you can determine the best kind to choose for your business.

Gauging Distance

You want to ensure the sign you have created can be read by your intended audience.

If your LED sign aims to attract vehicular traffic, you should consider getting a large sign that is designed for use outdoors. If you are looking to capture passerby traffic from the sidewalk, a smaller sign inside your shop window might be more appropriate.

Types of LED Signs

LED Poster Displays

LED Poster Screens are designed to be sleek and minimalist. They are perfect as a bright and engaging countertop message board or as a window or wall display. 

Example Applications: Try using a smaller screen to promote a new dessert at your cafe when people come to the counter or a free tune-up with your next tire install. Choose a larger option and you are all set for displaying your current menu and specials from behind the counter.


Revolutionize your marketing with LED Banners. These are great to line your entranceway, or along a hallway. They help coax people into following them like breadcrumbs to your business.

Example Applications: Is your business tucked away from the main stretch? Or in a suite off to the side in a mall? Hanging Banners along a path to your store helps your potential customers find you and learn more about you at the same time!

Mobile Poster Stands

Versatile, attractive, and portable, Mobile Poster Stands are the full package. They can display and power multiple screens and show information in two or more directions.

Example Applications: Show off your portfolio of home designs and current building projects while people wait for their consultations in your waiting room. It also can act as a great display in your doorway to welcome guests to your restaurant and get them excited about your daily special or happy hour drinks.

Backlit LED products from VitrineMedia connect businesses to their customers. We also offer design, printing, and installation services to ensure your business is always in the spotlight. Contact us today and we can explore all your signage options so you can make the best decision for your business identity. Or book a meeting to schedule a consultation with one of our signage experts.

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