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You might have heard of the barber who had been successfully cutting customers’ hair for $10 a pop for ages. Everyone was happy – the customers got a great haircut and top service, the barber was busy and made a decent living – until one day, a competitor opened directly over the road.

When his first foray was to place a sandwich board on the footpath announcing that his haircuts cost just $5, the locals clamoured to the original barber, telling him that he had better match the new entrant’s prices or they would take their custom across the way. He shrugged his shoulders and said nothing, but showed his hand the following morning with a sandwich board of his own.

It read: We fix $5 haircuts.

That’s a great analogy for VitrineMedia, for while our prices for our range of backlit LED screens generally remain on a par with the growing number of dubious imitations filtering into the local market, we’re increasingly being called on to replace the fakes when they crash and burn.

Unsurprisingly, we have yet to learn of a charlatan being approached to perform a similar exercise on our products.

That’s because we are the manufacturer – and that sets us apart when it comes to quality, availability and service while giving you that warm glow associated with making a sound purchasing decision.

The VitrineMedia VM2 backlit LED screens stand alone as the only products in the field to be supplied directly from the manufacturer to the local subsidiary, where they are then shared with the market by a team of professionals whose vast product knowledge is matched only by their passion to provide you with the tailored solution you need.

The VitrineMedia range – comprising A4, A3, A2, A1 and AO screens, complemented by a large banner, a small banner and, more recently, a natty 600mm diameter circular display – is also the most comprehensive in Australia and is backed by unmatched guarantees.

We stand behind the product knowing that every screen and every component to leave our manufacturing facility does so with the celebrated VitrineMedia stamp of approval.

It starts on day one, at the research and development phase, where the collective innovative minds of some 16 particularly inquisitive and probing individuals are quite happy to – indeed, are encouraged to – test the boundaries of their imagination and the limits of the manufacturing process.

It moves through a manufacturing plant at the cutting edge of technological advancement into a stickler of a quality control program that is quick to bin any screen that doesn’t tick each and every box during a rigorous testing regime.

Then it’s shipped to our Sydney warehouse where it is again checked by our logistics team for any flaws that might have cropped up during the sea voyage.

Having control of the supply chain means we know where the product was made and by whom and can vouch for its quality. It also means we alone have continuity of stock and can guarantee a minimum installation turnaround timeframe of no more than 10 days.

Additionally, it is why we’re comfortable offering a 30-day 100 per cent satisfaction money-back guarantee and certify our backlit LED panels for 80,000 hours – that’s 10 years of non-stop usage!

Oh, and that barber story. The Johnny-Come-Lately survived for a month or so before going out of business while our $10 man continues to clip away.

I’ll leave you with that thought…

Please get in touch if you would like to inquire about our LED Displays.

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