Oh gee, why didn’t I think of geo-specific messaging…?

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There’s a trend that has been taking root in business for a while now – and it is proving to be particularly powerful in the real estate sector where, we’re being told by those who embrace it, they’re enjoying increased conversion rates and, as a result, stronger returns on their investments in technologies such as our VitrineMedia backlit static LED screens.

I’m talking about geo-specific marketing, a buzz term that essentially means that the content displayed in promotional material – be it across a suite of literature and posters or via LED screens in shopfront windows – is wholly relevant to those who reside in the location.

It’s no surprise, then, that geo-targeted content is warming the cockles of the hearts of local businesses who know that, by packaging their messages for a clearly defined and receptive audience, they’re hitting the bullseye, time and again.

We are not referring so much to the advertising of properties for sale or rental, as that is pretty much a given in the real estate sector. Window display cards, for obvious reasons, have long featured and will long continue to feature local and surrounding properties.

No, we’re talking more about promoting and celebrating the relationship a business has with the local community and the many benefits that flow when this bond is genuine and engaging.

We’re thinking here of your backing of local sporting, cultural, charitable or other organisations; identifying with local events such as community shows and exhibitions, anniversaries and other special occasions close to the community’s heart; and using your window messaging, be it visual, verbal or both, to convey your support, generate goodwill and build these relationships.

The reality in the real estate sector in Australia is that much of the material that comes from head office tends to be more generic, sharing branding and corporate messaging that, while they certainly have their place in the marketing mix, often don’t talk to or resonate with your local audience. They’re far more likely to engage with tailored messages specific to the community and its needs, its thinking and even its idiosyncrasies.

That’s where our new VitrineMedia inhouse creative design team comes in, to work with you to create great imagery and messaging that is geo-specific in every sense. We will walk you through every step of the creative process and provide you with the finished product, printed on our latex printer for maximum contrast, saturation and visual appeal, at a price you’ll find hard to believe.

So, don’t hold back. Use your window space – and the backlit LED screens on display – to share your geo-specific messages.

And don’t ever assume that because you’re active in the community, people will somehow know all about you and your civic endeavours without you telling them.

That’s pretty much like the old ‘winking at someone in the dark’ advertising adage. You know you’re doing it while everyone else, including the intended recipient, is completely oblivious to your nictitating efforts. And when you share what you’re up to, in a supportive rather than self-important manner, you will see the real – and enormous – power of community engagement.

It’s not solely about selling houses. It’s just as much, perhaps even more, about creating relationships, becoming an integral part of the community and engaging with and supporting all those people who share your corner of the planet and live, work and play there.

Do that, with specific window campaigns that highlight your community involvement, share celebrations such as Christmas, Anzac Day and the like and show empathy with those around you…and you can be sure that the sales will look after themselves.

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