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A luminary designer named Saul Bass once said that design is thinking made visual. He was right, of course – and when it is done well, it adds value a lot more than it does cost.

At VitrineMedia, we warm to thinking and view it as a vital component, a point of difference that allows us to add value to those we do business with. That’s why, as we set out in 2020, we do so with an added spring in our step knowing that a longstanding wish to provide customers with a true turnkey solution is now a reality.

We know people appreciate the branding and profile-raising power of large format LED screens. Indeed, many are intoxicated by their promise and in a lightheaded moment, they purchase them only to be hit, hangover-like, by the daunting thought of what to place in them.

They know that the screens are only as good as the imagery and messaging they convey, but getting the required artwork fast becomes a major headache, even for those franchisees with a head office marketing team looking after them. The headache becomes a migraine for the independents out there, who understandably have more important things on their minds, like successfully running their businesses.

Many are not au fait with industry-speak and jargon of the graphic design and printing industries. They find it intimidating when terms like ‘bleeds’ and ‘crop marks’ are bandied about and are just as likely to choose the ‘ignorance is bliss’ option as they are to share, light-heartedly, that the only bleeds they know of are red, the only crop marks are associated with red and white poles outside old-style barbershops.

The result is that artwork requirements are often tossed into the ‘too-hard-for-now’ basket and pushed aside, with the promise – and best intentions – to attend to it ‘closer to the time’.

But ‘closer to the time’ tends to close in a lot faster in today’s busy world – and the default position among many independents is to rush to get something done just before the installation date. Sometimes, they never get that far.

I’m not sure which is worse, a large format blank screen because the artwork hasn’t been prepared or a large format screen filled with rank bad design cobbled together at the 11 th hour.

Those days are over thanks to our dynamic new inhouse graphic design team bursting with creativity and great ideas. Based at our Sydney head office, the team also talks your language. Crop mark and bleed talk, along with three-letter-acronyms like dpi, is replaced by a keen ear eager to understand you, what you’re looking to convey, the imagery you have in mind and the language and tone of your messaging.

Here’s how it works…

Our creative team will be notified immediately you place an order for large format screens, with latex prints included in the order. They will place a courtesy call to establish whether you need any assistance in preparing the artwork and if you don’t, they’ll politely wish you well and leave you in peace.

If you do require help, they’ll deliver it – along with truckloads of peace of mind.

They’ll ask you a few pertinent questions and get you to sketch, very roughly, how you envisage the design unfolding. They’ll ask for your logo and question you on the chosen Pantone colours and fonts that make up your corporate identity.

Once they receive all the information via email, they’ll sit down and brainstorm what it is you’re trying to achieve and how best they can transform your thoughts into powerful visual statements.

They’ll throw ideas around, prepare a selection of concepts and provide you with the mock-ups, they’ll share their thinking and take on board your feedback, working with you every step of the way from initial thought bubble to final, printed and delivered artwork.

There’s no torture, no brain damage, just an affable bunch of guys with great creative ideas, backed by slick graphic design, quick turnaround times and costs way below what you’d expect to pay on the open market.

So, let’s toast Saul Bass, make your thinking visual, add value and reduce cost!

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