Windows and Websites Make a Most Intoxicating Mix

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Research tells us that there are currently some two billion websites on the internet, which I am sure you will agree is a rather scary number.

A little down on the ‘scary scale’ is the statistic that it is estimated that ‘only’ about 400 million of these are currently active. Whew, that’s a relief, he says with tongue firmly in cheek…

I give you these numbers to make a simple point – and it is this:

We are all turning to websites to share and promote our products and services; and we all want ours to be a destination website, visited by a good number of quality prospects. 

And yet so many of us have become so obsessed with our digital presence and its pulling power that we forget that in order to be a destination website, we need to direct people to our little home among the 400 million others.

The stats further tell us that the website population is growing at about 350 sites each day, a phenomenon that sees the space become more cluttered. We risk being drowned out or lost and it becomes increasingly hard – if not impossible – for Joe and Joanne Public to simply ‘stumble upon’ our website.

Which brings me to those bricks and mortar premises most of you still occupy. In the case of those of your in businesses such as real estate, retail and hospitality, you are generally on the high street or at some other prominent address, where prices or rentals reflect the location.

You are happy to pay top dollar, too, because you know you have visibility.

But can you, hand on heart, say you give as much attention to your windows as you do to your website?

If the answer is no, it really is time you came to appreciate that the most intoxicating marketing and promotional cocktail you will ever mix is when your website and your shopfront co-exist in perfect harmony. That is when your bottom line will really get singing!

And that is why, if you have not yet done so, it is time to turn your shopfront into a veritable sentinel, a shining beacon of light, a touch point that excites people about your business and has them eager to visit your website.

The standout leader in this space is the VitrineMedia family of static backlit displays that come in all shapes and sizes – from the baby in the clan, the A4, to the A0 and on to large and small banners and a point-of-difference 600mm diameter screen.

When displayed, for example, in our large format A2 or A1 screens and supported by copy that directs them to your website for even more information – perhaps even a virtual tour of the property in question – you will move from ‘mere bartender to mixologist of note’. 

Yes, they tell me someone particularly adept at creating cocktails is now known as a mixologist…

I digress.

It is a known fact, too – supported by extensive research findings across Europe – that cold white light emits feel-good qualities that work as a magnet to draw people to the window displays, where their attention is captured and they linger longer while taking in, comprehending and warming to the content on display.

They might then choose to enter the premises to discuss certain properties in greater detail, or they might head to the website. Either way, though, both of you are likely to be the winners.

So, remember, the future, just like the present, requires a mix of everything…and that includes your high street shopfront.

We’ll drink to that!

It is here that you can excite all those passers-by with a creative layout and stunning photography – illuminated by cost-effective yet powerful and energy efficient cold white backlighting that presents the imagery in its true colour and just as nature intended – of a selection of knockout properties.


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