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Quality LED Displays

We’re probably all familiar with that sketch that has been doing the rounds for quite a while, where a clearly expectant tattoo parlour customer looks lovingly at a detailed picture of a majestic Pegasus in all its winged glory while a tattoo artist busily works on re-creating the image on his upper back.

Of course, what we see – and he’s yet to – is a hopelessly crude and sausage-like drawing more akin to the artistic prowess of a less-than-gifted kindergarten kid. 

It looks nothing like the prancing Pegasus of mythical splendour he is expecting. He’s heading for deep disappointment…and unsurprisingly, the caption neatly sums it up: There is always someone who will do it cheaper.

Now isn’t that true?

It’s particularly apt in our world, where many cheap knockoff backlit LED screens are flooding the market and bamboozling customers into thinking they are getting a great product, at an even greater price.

Sadly, most learn the hard way. They spend their hard-earned on an inferior brand that fails to live up to its promises.

Yes, in this life, you invariably get what you pay for. And more than that, the astute among us appreciate that price is what you pay, while value is what you get. They understand the value of a product rather than just see its price.

The VitrineMedia family of high quality LED Displays for your marketing solutions is recognised the world over as the Rolex, the Rolls-Royce, of static backlit quality LED Displays.

Such brands cannot afford to take shortcuts to save a few dollars. When you are the best, you have a hard-earned reputation to protect. You cannot afford to compromise on quality, you need to constantly strive for improvement and make sure that every product that leaves the factory carrying your brand name and logo enhances that reputation.

And yes, these brands cost more upfront but over the journey, chances are the cheap knockoffs turn out to be anything but cheap. Their fickle longevity suggests you will be replacing them soon enough.

That’s probably why they are seldom branded. When – rather than if – they fail down the line, the manufacturers and sellers prefer it that you don’t know who they are or how they can be contacted and are happy to leave you floundering in a sea of buyer’s remorse.

There’s no such thing when your purchase a genuine VitrineMedia backlit Quality LED displays and screens. And that’s because we offer numerous significant points of difference.

For starters, you get a guaranteed 80,000 hours’ life on the LED panels. That’s almost nine-and-a-half years of continual round-the-clock use, way beyond the standard two years offered by competitive products.

Our rails are made of brushed aluminium, making them both lightweight and aesthetically pleasing; while all fixations and mounting cables are made from stainless steel to offer a long life free from tarnishing; and the Meanwell power supply boxes that drive the displays are the most used and trusted available and comply with all international safety standards.

We further offer free replacement on the accidental breakage of one screen, if ever needed, and with an extensive warehouse in Sydney, we guarantee quick stock turnaround.

That’s all over and above perhaps our most significant point of difference: we own the process, from research and development, product design, manufacturing and delivery to ongoing support across Australia.

That’s value at every touch point – something our friend in the tattoo parlour could but dream of when he got to see his Pegasus in the mirror.

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