5 Ways to Make an Impact With LED Trade Show Signs

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If you want to introduce a new product or service at a trade show, you’ll need a great sign. In this guide, you’ll discover how an LED backlit sign from VitrineMedia Australia can bring joy to an exhibit.

The Benefits

An LED display projects a very noticeable static image on a big, bright screen. Continue reading and learn how our LED technology could enhance your presence.

Retail Presence

To attract crowds, a retailer must tell a good story at a trade show. You can tell a fulfilling story that highlights your product’s best assets and features with an LED sign.

Real Estate Presence

In the real estate world, all properties listed for sale have to look good. If you’re a real estate agent, you can advertise an attractive property in high definition on a vibrant LED sign. Templates make LED signs for real estate look even better. If templates sound interesting, try our services. We have an in-house creative team and a template builder.

How to Reap the Benefits at a Trade Show

A trade show has large crowds with short attention spans, which is why a good booth has to have eye-catching elements that stand out. The key to success is a bold colour scheme. It must have accurate colours that complement your large LED display.

Every colour will trigger a different emotion. If you use the right combination, it will create harmony, and your booth will shine. Here are some of the most popular colours and their effects:

Blue: The colour blue promotes trust. 

Red: It represents thrills and excitement.

Purple: A contemporary colour that projects elegance and value.

How to Incorporate Good Lighting Around an LED Sign the Right Way

Balance is the key. If you overuse bright lights, your booth will overwhelm the attendees, and if you scale back and use fewer lights, the booth will be dull. To create balance with lights and colours, follow these rules.

Make 60% of the Display the Primary Colour

The primary colour defines a booth. It represents the brand and ties everything together.

Make 30% of the Display Your Secondary Colour

A secondary colour creates contrast. You’ll need differences to pique people’s interests.

Make 10% of the Display Your Accent Colour

The accent colour creates flair around a display. Selecting a bold shade will emphasise your booth, text, graphics, and more.

Trade shows are a large expense to businesses, making an impact on the show floor is key to a successful trade show. Lighting  and LED Displays are an area where you can have the biggest impact for the least amount of investment, VitrineMedia is a pioneer and world leader in LED displays for visual marketing communications.

If you need a brand-new LED sign for a trade show, contact VitrineMedia Australia today. We have fantastic products for advertising and special offers too. Feel free to stop by our office and meet the team at 11/24 Vore St, Silverwater NSW 2128.

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