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You’ll recall some time back I discussed the power of cold white light in backlit LED screens and how it has the propensity to grab your attention, draw you in, capture your eye and have you, at least momentarily, transfixed as your attention is total while you pause to take in what’s before you.

That’s because cold white light is the most natural form of light. It is in an undiluted state and as such, uncoloured, much like a block of transparent ice. And being clear, pure light, it comes with unique and documented feelgood properties that simply cannot be found in light’s many other hues.

It harnesses the power of light to enhance your brand, build your profile and engage with your community.

But you have got to get it right as the truth of the matter is that, like many things in this world, there’s cold white light and, well, there’s cold white light.

I stress this because with cheap alternatives increasingly finding their way onto the market, you wouldn’t want to be fooled by their initial glow as you can bet London to a brick that, after a few short years, the cold brightness will make way for a murky yellow.

In the world of static backlit LED screens, there is one brand that stands head and shoulders above others. That’s VitrineMedia – and largely because the light we use, without getting too technical, is 10,000 Kelvin, the Kelvin being a degree of temperature on the Kelvin scale which, in turn, is a scale used to measure the colour temperature of a light.

At 10,000 Kelvin, we’re talking cold, white and natural light in every way, oozing feel-good properties and creating an amazingly calming ambience for a guaranteed 80,000 hours – or, with 8,760 hours in a year, a tad over nine years – of non-stop light.

Free from artificial colour, what you see is precisely how nature intended it to be viewed, all year round – and none better than during the season we’re now in, autumn.

While our backlit LEDs can confidently be described as marketing and promotional screens for all seasons and perform brilliantly in spring, summer and winter, there’s something special about the soft and soothing colours and light of autumn and their ability to bring out the very best in our screens and their cold white light.

In short, the brilliance of cold white light is never more apparent and impactful.

It enables you to create an environment that encourages people to deal with you. And while it might sound paradoxical, the cold light warms them to you and your organisation and instils in them confidence in dealing with you.

If you’ve ever walked past a Marine Reef Tropical Aquarium with all the fish, all the corals and the pretty colours, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You’re awe-struck; you stop in your tracks and your turn around to take a closer look.

We like to think of it as an unfair advantage. Here’s a product that towers above the competition in terms of technology and quality but costs just a fraction more when those of a short-sighted disposition take in only the upfront cost.

And when amortised over the guaranteed period of almost 10 years – versus the two years, at the very best, you’ll get from a cheap imitation that’s crammed with inferior filaments, overloaded with current and running at way beyond capacity – you’d have to agree that the only ones choosing the ‘el cheapos’ ahead of the VitrineMedia product are those self-same individuals we’ve recently seen fighting over toilet rolls in supermarkets across the country!

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