Why You Should Consider Backlit Signs for Your Business

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Backlit Signs are designed to attract attention. Businesses of all sizes, from small mom-and-pop shops to large multinational corporations, recognise the importance of signage and are aware that signage can increase their sales. As a result, we regularly see signage all around us. And where there is a flood of signage, it’s imperative that yours stand out—or it may get lost in the crowd. 

What can you do to ensure yours stands out?

Simple: try something new! Backlit signs are one option that provides this element of distinction. Throughout this article, we’ll explain why they’re effective and worth considering for your business.

Backlit Signs Make a Strong Impression

Every moment, our brains are bombarded with a flurry of stimuli from each of the five senses. To avoid overstimulation, the hypothalamus has been conditioned to filter out most of these stimuli so that only a small portion of environmental activity is processed. A change or break in environment uniformity is required to disrupt selective filtering, which occurs subconsciously.

Backlit display signs can be a significant enough change in the environment to disrupt selective filtering, so the sign is more likely to be noticed. Whenever there are few or no illuminated signs in the surrounding area, anything can easily be overlooked in a sea of uniformity, but a glowing sign cuts through uniformity and grabs your attention.

Signs must not only catch attention but hold it long enough for passers-by to digest the message and not lose interest midway. Signs with backlighting lend an air of importance and mystique, suggesting that “there must be something special about it.” Thus, illuminated signs are more likely to be read than non-illuminated ones.

Lighting Affects Our Mood

Numerous studies have been conducted on the effects of light on our moods, perceptions and emotions. In one study, it was found that human emotions are felt more strongly under bright light. 

For as long as advertising has existed, brands have exploited emotions to get people to buy their products. If light can trigger an emotional response, illuminated signs can be more likely to activate feelings—and wallets may be opened.

24 Hours of Power

Having signs that are illuminated at all times of day is beneficial for several reasons.

Signs on exteriors have no use unless they can be seen. In the dark of night, any exterior sign that is not illuminated or located in an area with light is rendered ineffective.

Even though there is more passing traffic during the daytime, the hours from dusk to dawn still provide an opportunity for significant exposure. A backlit sign delivers a greater return on investment as it is always visible and will keep customers interested throughout the day.

A second reason 24-hour illumination is important has to do with sleep patterns. Why? It’s all about alertness.

Moreover, not everyone works a regular daytime shift. Shifts worked during the evening, overnight or on a rotational basis are performed by 1.4 million of the Australian labour force. In turn, this disrupts normal sleeping patterns and can lead to decreased alertness.

For marketers, capturing the attention of this demographic can be particularly challenging. Utilising the alertness-inducing effects of light, however, marketers can use illuminated signage to increase their chances of engaging these consumers.

The Summary

Having your signs backlit is an effective way to help your business stand out. Illumination makes them stand out, can enhance emotional responses that lead to purchases, and are effective at any time of the day.

Are you interested in capturing greater attention for your company with backlit signs? For help lighting up your sales, contact the experts at VitrineMedia Australia.

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